Things that annoy me about Pinterest, #276

Pins from blogs that take me to the main page of the blog but not the post that was supposed to be pinned, leading to an often fruitless search for the right post.

If you are guilty of this, do not moan that I am depriving you of repins when I go and find the post and pin it myself. You only have yourself to blame.

Things that annoy me about Pinterest, #152

Pinners who I have followed who proceed to flood my home view with 25 variations of the same thing in a matter of minutes, pushing out pins by more thoughtful pinners who post fewer but higher quality pins.

Girl! I know you’re excited about this stuff, but there are limits as to how many items of glittery craft items, beaded bracelets or flimsy dresses I want to see in a day. I know you want to populate your board as quickly as possible, but sometimes less is more. Pinterest is all about sharing. Let’s not overshare. Flood your private boards instead or at least flood with variety – not the same dress in 10 different colours or 52 photos of Johnny Depp’s face from every possible angle.

This is my main reason for unfollowing boards and not participating in group boards.

Lest you think I’m being unfair: I know well of what I speak. You see, I used to be that pinner myself, and then I followed a board by someone who thought nothing of pinning 50 pins a day of charming old books. Lots of good stuff from others got lost in the flood. Fortunately she calmed down somewhat, and in the end I didn’t have to unfollow her book board, but it was a close call. I wish I could say the same about the India group board and the beading group board.