About Miscellanea and the author

Anonyma’s Miscellanea is about expressing whatever is on my mind at the moment, such as likes and dislikes, musings, observations, raves and rants, essays, lists, short fiction and artwork. Also to act as a sort of commonplace book: a place to collect stuff like quotes, images and websites I like or find interesting, and to showcase books, movies and music I like.

I would love to see your comments on my posts and I am open to link exchanges, but I will not link to commercial websites unless they are promoting something I want to draw attention to. I will use my discretion when linking to other websites.

About me:

I’m Icelandic.

I am a translator by trade.

I love travelling and reading.

I like all sorts of music, ranging from ABBA to Tom Waits.

I love historical movies and musicals, and I like romantic comedies, heist movies, mysteries and fantasies.

I have several hobbies, including bookbinding, patchwork quilting, rock painting and cooking.

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