Meditation doodle

I started by copying a basic mehndi design (bottom left) and let my imagination take it from there, but as I worked, more mehndi-like elements crept in.

Rough doodle

Rough doodle made with a marker while I waited at the garage for the winter tyres to be put under my car.


Meet the little lizardskin sketchbook

No lizards were harmed in the making of this hand-stitched sketchbook (but I did draw blood with the needle while I was doing the stitching).

notebook01The paper is called lizardskin or snakeskin paper because it imitates the look of reptile skin.

I mostly keep commonplace books, i.e. notebooks I both write and sketch/doodle in and even glue in newspaper clippings. Sort of like real-world versions of this blog. This particular sketchbook ended up as a pure doodle/sketch book. It lives in my desk at work and accompanies me to meetings. It’s just about full, only a few blank pages left and some finishing touches needed for some of the doodles.

Below you will find one of my doodles from it.

Incidentally, don’t call this a Zentangle. It’s not the right shape for it, although the style is similar and I have used some patterns that will look familiar to those who do zentangling. This is an elaborate meeting doodle. notebook07