New blog: Anonyma’s Reading Journal

I have a new reading journal and am currently posting my thoughts and notes on early Gothic novels. If you’re interested, click here to visit it.

There isn’t much there yet, but there will be.


Was testing the Camera360 app. Looks like it might become my go-to photo editing app. Of course, I still have not tested the Pixlr app…
Started with this:


And ended with this:


Useless but fun website # 1

I can’t remember how I discovered Silk, but when I need to take short a breather to relax and recharge at work, I sometimes visit this website and make one or two pieces of art.

You decide on the colours and the symmetry and the software does the rest. Here are two examples:


click to enlarge



click to enlarge



That’s me today. The weather forecast is for cool, windy and overcast weather all weekend long, and it’s a long weekend, Monday being a bank holiday. I can’t even go up north – where the forecast is for sunny and warm weather – to stay with my parents, because they are coming here. I don’t want to be at work, and I have a chest cold and my head is full of fog.