Five songs about travelling that make me want to travel

On the Road Again – the Willie Nelson version. It’s got a rhythm and a carefree happiness in it that is irresistible. A near perfect expression of the joy of travelling.

Goin’ up the Country – Canned Heat. There is an urgency in this one that I like.

Traveling Light – I like the version by Cliff Richard, but I have heard quite a wonderful country version that I like as well. A good song about the freedom of being on the road without a big load of luggage.

Don’t Fence Me In – I like the Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters version. Another slow travelling song that is also about freedom. Has a wonderful clip-clop rhythm that suits the lyrics perfectly.

Marrakesh Express – Crosby, Stills & Nash. Specifically, it makes me want to go to Morocco.