Thought for the weekend

Reunions. What’s the point? I have one this weekend and I’m not going. Why? There are a few people there that I liked, but not enough to stay in touch with, a couple I could take or leave, and if I go I am going to have flashbacks of all the bullying I got subjected to by the rest. The worst bully has not changed – I had him for a neighbour for a while a few years back and he is as obnoxious as ever and unlikely to apologise or even realise he did anything wrong. I am staying away for the sake of my mental health.


If anyone reads this, and I don’t care if it happens 2 minutes or 2 years from now (when I have another reunion coming up), could you please give me a couple of good reasons to attend a reunion?

I’m off for the weekend to do something I enjoy. Back on Monday.